Beat Solutions is an outsourcing company that offers customized management solutions for companies.
Beat Solutions is a trusted advisor for managers and/or shareholders, helping them to achieve their objectives time and cost wise, working professional and honestly

Beat solutions

Beat Solutions is an outsourcing company that offers customized management solutions for companies.
Beat Solutions is a trusted advisor for managers and/or shareholders, helping them to achieve their objectives time and cost wise, working professional and honestly


Our Mission is to be the trusted partner, that ethically advise organizations and companies in their management decisions , and help them to achieve the objectives Our Mission is to continuosly help: We help to Improve the Management We help to Compete We help to solve Critical Situations We help in the Decision-Making Process


Provide with our knowledge and experience to your organization or company , with independent and objective opinion about the global business
We have the rigour necessary for multinationals and the flexibility and the agility of SME

  • We advise to maximize profits, optimize existing resources, simplify tasks, processes and costs.
  • We propose recommendations and implement action plans to ensure the company’s objectives.
  • We promote the necessary actions to achieve an adequate control environment.
  • We collect and aggregate key information for decision-makers
  • We promote a culture of constant process improvements.


Management Support (Executive Consulting)

Advice and support to the Management and / or Property with a long-term perspective to achieve the business objectives, with the following tools: appropriate risk management, implementing internal control mechanisms, developing controlling projects, management information system, financial management and internal audits, as well as developing scorecards and business intelligence tools to facilitate proper decision making

1- Internal Control, Risk Management and Internal Audit

Creation of the Internal Audit Function

Risk Assessment & Risk Mapping

Establishment of Annual Plan  and Working Programs

Financial, Operational and Process Audits

Continuous improvement of company

Proposals to Management and/or Property/Board

Quality Assessment of Internal Audit departments

2- Controlling, Management Information System, Financial Management

Financial Controlling and Operational Control

Corporate Reporting

Management Information System

Analysis, design and simplify and streamline processes

Implantation of automated workflows (BPM)

Key Performance Indicators KPI and KRI

Business Performance Analysis and proposals to managers


3- Dashboard and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence – QlikView

Executive Information System for Direction

Operational analysis of maximum detail

Departmental dashboard

Integration of inter-departmental information

Balanced scorecard


Chairmanship support: Internal Audit Master Plan for a group related to integral water cycle in Latam. Transmision of methodology to replicate Internal Audit model in the rest of the goup companies.

Quality Assessment of Internal Audit Departments of big and listed companies in diverse sectors: banking, telecommunications, technology, distribution, and the public sector. Certification for Professional Practice according to the IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors).
Definition and design of the Management Information System for a real estate company quoted, with also contains hotel and water business, recently acquired by an Investment Fund

Design and creation of a workflow for the coordination of the processes of approval and control of the associated costs between different delegations and central offices in a start-up.
Chairmanship support and general manager in technological company: Expert Report as a specialist in Internal Control, analyzing by COSO criteria, reasonableness of the measures adopted by the management in relation to Internal Control.
Executive advisor of Spanish companies group in their internationalization with the opening of a real estate company in Latam. Controlling, coordination and integration of different areas and the information system for decision-making.

Participation as Support and follow-up on the launch of a Start Up of Alternative Energies
Controlling Project in Media company improving processes and collecting and reconciling information from different databases through business intelligence systems.

Apoyo a Dirección General Departamental: Diseño y creación del workflow para la coordinación de los procesos de aprobación y control de los costes asociados entre diferentes delegaciones y oficina centrales en una start-up



After a long professional experience creates BEAT SOLUTIONS in business management in changing environments. He has worked with companies of different sizes and sectors, from telecommunications, BPO, media, to real estate and construction. Both, in listed companies and multinationals such as OHL and JAZZTEL, and SMEs. He has worked in different countries of Europe and Latin America, having lived 3 years in Mexico City.

He is a multidisciplinary professional. He has led functions of Financial Management, Control and Internal Audit. He has been responsible for reporting to regulators like the CNMV, for Business Consolidation and controller of large projects. He has implemented the internal audit function in various companies, directly reporting to Boards of Directors. He has always been closely linked to technology. He has led IT functions, and has developed and implemented Business Intelligence and ERP process improvements.

In the last 5 years has directed his professional career into helping companies to manage their businesses. In this last phase he has been working as an external consultant and Interim project Manager, both in financial departments and Internal Auditing (creating, developing, supervising or transforming these areas).

He graduated in Economics and Business (No. 27,457 collegiate College of Economists of Madrid) and he is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA No. 69,690) by The Institute of Internal Auditors, Internal Audit Quality Assessment Technician and COSO Internal Control Certificate.

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